Celebrity Auction's Team

Nick & DeAnna Batchelor/Celebrity Auction Founders

Husband and wife charity dynamos Nick and DeAnna Batchelor are the founders and Managing Directors of Celebrity Auction. Over the past 20 years of their marriage, the altruistic couple have dedicated over 36,000 hours to charitable work worldwide. In addition to their extensive charitable work, Nick and DeAnna have successfully run a business for 15 years and have significant corporate experience. They have successfully, administered and organized a myriad of events with as many as 12,000 attendees.

Their winning attitude, intrepid work ethic, and steadfast focus on helping those most in need is not merely an activity but has been the constant trend in their lives and continues powerfully through Celebrity Auction.

Cynthia Warnock/Celebrity Auction Concierge,

Celebrity Auction is happy to have Cynthia on board. She has over 10 years experience in the Hawaiian visitor industry as a Concierge for some of the top hotels in Hawaii-The Kea Lani Resort, Grand Wailea Resort, and the Four Seasons Wailea.

Cynthia will continue to be an asset in overseeing the details associated with celebrity charity events to ensure a smooth execution. Her main focus in life, however, continues to be helping others in the community attain a better quality of life through her volunteer service.

Lara Hirokawa/Celebrity Auction Agent

“Having been a registered nurse for more than 18 years, being concerned about a person’s welfare and quality of life has always been my main objective. Working with a non-profit organization for more than 25 years has shown me the importance of doing all I can to provide whatever is necessary to attain a better way of life for those in need.”

”Growing up with a sister with disabilities has helped me to work on patience and understanding. And seeing her reach goals that we never thought imaginable has shown me that, given time and a chance, all things are possible!”

Sam Noble/Celerity Auction Agent

Sam has been giving of his time and energy for good causes since he can remember. From building an educational center to volunteering in disaster relief work, he is always looking for ways to help others.

Being an avid surfer, Sam is deeply concerned about the ocean and sea life in it. Sam’s vast experience in communications and business development strengthens our team.

Lisa Piiohia/Celebrity Auction Agent

Lisa is one of the happiest persons you will ever meet. One of the reasons is she enjoys helping others. She has been involved in a volunteer educational work in Hawaiian Islands for over 19 years. Lisa says, “I have found it to be truly satisfying and fulfilling.”

As a new mother, Lisa is excited to be working with so many different charities that support causes such as cancer, disaster relief, and especially those that put the spotlight on children.

Leah Nacion/Celebrity Auction Agent

Leah has over a decade of experience in business management and has spent a year volunteering for a non-profit. She says it is one of the most rewarding things she has ever done and is excited to be able to work with so many worthwhile causes.

The positive energy she brings to Celebrity Auction tam has to be felt to be fully appreciated. Abuse shelters have a special place in her heart because her own mother had to go there at one point in her life. Leah also has deep respect for hospice centers because they helped her grandmother die with dignity from cancer.

Mark Perez/Celebrity Auction Agent

Mark loves relief work and has been involved in it for many years. It is just one of the reasons we are happy to have him as an addition to Celebrity Auction. Mark says, “Helping others has brought great satisfaction to my life; knowing that you have made a positive difference in people’s lives.”

We love Mark’s dependability and positive spirit. Working with a nonprofit in New York for many years, Mark is an invaluable asset to our team.

Forest Noble/Celebrity Auction Agent

One of the things about Forest is he is constantly looking for ways to serve others. Right after high school he gave of his time and energy to help a non-profit for several years and then eventually moved to Mexico to help improve the lives of others. He sets a good example and we are happy to have him with us.

Daron Kanoa/Celebrity Auction Agent

Based in New York, Daron has spent over 15 years working with international finance and risk management. His passion for charitable work has led him to use this experience to bring relief and financial aid to areas hit hard by natural disasters all over the world.

Cedric Everett/Celebrity Auction Agent

Cedric Everett is excited to be working on our team. He entered a new phase in his life not too long ago when he became a family man. For years he has been known to be there when anyone needs help. He has worked on volunteer building projects and is always ready to give of his time and energy. Charities that help children and those with disabilities are close to his heart.

For Celebrity Auction, he will be focused on working with professional athletes to bring recognition to their favorite causes.

Sabrina Martinez/Celebrity Auction Agent

Sabrina Marinez adds energy and innovation to our team. Being a wife and a mother, her heart goes out to families that do not always have enough to eat. She has given her time for No Kid Hungry that brings awareness to childhood hunger in America and provides meals to at-risk children in schools. She has also been involved in building homes for families in Mexico.

Moira Windon/Celebrity Auction Agent

Moira has a great passion for advertising and marketing but she is even more passionate about showing love and compassion. Without Moira, our dream team would not be complete.

We love her values and commitment in volunteering to assist others in her educational work to better people’s lives. Loving beauty and creativity, she wants to help artists connect their art with goodness through Celebrity Auction.

Paul Lewis/Celebrity Auction Agent

Paul lived in Brooklyn, New York for over 30 years and now resides in the mountains of central Pennsylvania. He feels that friends are among God’s greatest gifts, and dedicating his time to helping others is his way of giving back. Nurturing hope and self-esteem are essential to this effort. We are glad to have him on our team.

Walter Gonzales/Celebrity Auction Agent

Walter is a man of honesty and integrity. His experience in sales and marketing and ability to organize and coordinate large events will benefit our team immensely. He believes every fatherless boy should have a father figure, a mentor. Walter also is a strong supporter of any organization that dignifies women.

Toni Wharton/Celebrity Auction Agent

Toni adds energy and enthusiasm to our team. Being a Wife and Mother, her heart goes out to those less fortunate. She has donated her time and experience with various organizations, to not only improve the environment directly impacting her home town, but also the world. Toni has also been involved with the Humane Society to find loving homes for our four legged friends.

Rhea Windon/Celebrity Auction Agent

Rhea is a dedicated and passionate professional. She has over 12 years of executive level Human Resources, sales, and marketing experience. Her education is in Communications and she has traveled extensively. She has worked with some of the top US companies on domestic and international projects.

Her ability to endorse and engage in project comes from her belief that it isn’t the bottom line that makes an organization, rather the people. Her drive comes from her love of diverse cultures and global focused philanthropy.

Kaleo Wong/Celebrity Auction Agent

Kaleo has many years of marketing, sales, and management experience. Even though he is a busy husband and father of two daughters, he still manages time each month in his volunteer community service. His great disposition and work ethic makes him a pleasure to be around and work with.

Mike Munoz/ Celebrity Auction Agent

Mike is an advocate for disease research and good education for all. He himself has a Bachelor’s degree in psychology and social behavior along with a doctorate in educational leadership. Mike cares a great deal about college access for low-income students, pediatric cancer research, and no-kill animal shelters.

In addition, he has served on numerous boards, including the city of Santa Ana Planning Commission, and is a lecturer in the College of Education at California State University, Long Beach. We are happy to have him with us.


Javi loves helping others. After dedicating over 21 years to volunteer service and gaining over 9 years of varied technological experience, he is now part of our team.

His experience with charitable work, technological work, and operations management is a great addition to our efforts to create social good.