Getting Started

No, joining Celebrity Auction is totally free.

To place a bid, simply provide your contact and payment information, along with your shipping address. Once you register, from now on, all you have to do is log in to bid. At Celebrity Auction, your information is always secure. If you ever have any questions please email us at info@thecelebrityauction.com.
You must be 18 years of age or older to bid.
Monday through Friday 9 AM to 6 PM ET.

General Questions

A meet and greet is the opportunity to meet a celebrity face-to-face. These encounters usually consist of a lunch or dinner date, photo-op, or some other exciting experience of the celebrity’s choice.
We love ideas! Just e-mail us and we'll get right back with you. Please visit our contact page on our website to submit your ideas. If you know of any celebrities that may like to participate in a fun fan experience to support something they care about, please let us know. We would love to talk with you.

Personal Information

This enables us to immediately process your information when you are the winning bidder. Then you’ll receive your item or celebrity package sooner. Should you not win, don’t worry. We promise your credit card will not be billed and your information will remain secure.
Security is our priority at Celebrity Auction. We ensure your personal information is safe. We always meet the PCI Data Security Standard requirements, which are enforced for your safety. Further, we use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption for every transaction, and your information is stored in the same way.
You can change your credit card information anytime you'd like. Just go under USER PROFILE and select the BILLING tab to edit both the credit card information and the credit card billing address. Celebrity Auction will only ship to your billing address on file.
At Celebrity Auction we value your privacy and will never sell or share your information with third parties. If you win, the nonprofit organization will be given your name and contact information so they can thank you for your support. If you'd rather stay anonymous, you can opt out of this at any time by simply stating so in an email.

Account Management

To change or reset your password, click this link PASSWORD RESET or go to your Celebrity Auction account, click on the Account tab, and select Change My Password. If you have a problem, send us an e-mail and we’ll take care of it for you.

Checking Us Out

Sure! Search items that interest you and track them by implementing Watch This Item (if you're logged in). You can click on the image itself to see bid description page. However you will not be able to bid until you register and add a payment method.
We aren't snobs, but our contributors and winners have asked us not divulge the winning bid for auctioned items. We respect and will abide by their request.

Bidding 101

First, join Celebrity Auction by registering, and then log in. Select your bid amount by entering it into the field or by choosing the minimum bid. Then click Bid Now, confirm, and viola! You have placed your first bid! If you have not yet registered, go to Register on top of the home page.
No. Legally, all of your bids are contractually binding. If your bid has won the item at auction, you are legally obligated to purchase it. So please be certain you want the item before you place that all important bid.
You will be notified by email if you are the winner. We will then process your primary credit card on file, send you a receipt, and provide you with all of the exciting details. This is when you can start jumping up and down.
As soon as you are outbid, you’ll immediately get an e-mail notification. But, if you don’t add us to your safe-sender list, we could end up in that dreaded spam folder.
An auction extension, also known as 'popcorn bidding', is when a bid is placed within 10 minutes of closing. The bid time is extended by 10 minutes to allow existing bidders a chance to compete. In return, more funds are generated for the charity.
Simply put: An increment is an increase on a fixed scale. Auctions begin with a minimum bid. By creating bid increments, one bidder cannot outbid another by bidding only a penny more than the previous bid. This keeps the auction from—well, getting silly. Bids between 0.00 and $250 require $25 bid increments. Bids between $250.01 and $500.00 require $50 bid increments. Bids between $500.01 and $1,000.00 require $100 bid increments. Bids between $1,000.01 and $5,000.00 require $250 bid increments. Bids between $5,000.01 and $10,000.00 require $500 bid increments. Bids between $10,000.01 and $25,000.00 require $1,000 bid increments. Bids between $25,000.01 and $50,000.00 require $2,500 bid increments. Bids between $50,000.01 and $99,999.99 require $5,000 bid increments.
A max bid is the maximum amount you are willing to pay for an item. This enables you to participate even while not logged on. Should bidding continue up to your max bid amount, your bidding will cease. You will be notified when your max bid has been reached. You are the only one with access to your max bid.
Currently your last bid is final and cannot be modified. We will notify all users in a newsletter when and if this changes.
A reserved bid means that a donor has asked us to set a minimum bid amount for a certain item so that it is not undervalued. We understand and honor their request. A reserved bid is also necessary on consigned items or experiences as well as experiences that are not donated and may have been paid for instead.

Global Bidding

Sure! We, at Celebrity Auction, pride ourselves on being globally correct and accept international members. All we ask is that you thoroughly read the item description prior to bidding just in case there is a restriction in your particular location. International shipping will apply.
All transactions at Celebrity Auction are processed in US currency. Conversion rates of your financial institution will apply.

About Paying

When you win, your primary credit card on file will be billed. We'll send a receipt of the transaction via e-mail. The exception to this rule is for very high-value items. For those, we accept bank checks or wire transfers. Personal checks will not be accepted.
The amount of sales tax charged is determined by your shipping address on file and your state of residence. The sales tax amount is based on amount spent, plus shipping and handling. If you reside in New York or California your sales tax amount is based on your city of residence. In the event that you do not have a shipping address on file, we will use your billing address.
Since we are not tax advisers, a tax professional or CPA, it would be best to ask an expert in your state on what is allowed to be tax deductible.
Generally, shipping and handling is at no charge unless otherwise indicated in bid description page under "Shipping and Handling" for that particular item. Any additional charges depend on where your item is shipped. International priced shipping may apply.
No it cannot. It must be shipped to the same location as the credit card address for security reasons.
For the security of all involved, Celebrity Auction may screen any winning bidder, and those who will accompany them on the experience. We do not conduct a criminal background check without your written consent.

It’s a Wrap—Redemption Info

Tangible (touchable) items are shipped immediately by express shipping (via Fed Ex, UPS, or another similar courier) as soon as your credit card is processed. Intangible (services, programs, travel vouchers, redemption certificates, etc.) winnings are sent to you via e-mail in electronic format. We will mail you a hard copy upon request.
A concierge on our staff will contact you with the details for your celebrity experience, and to set up a date that works for you and the celebrity. You will receive contact information with your special concierge if you have questions.

Partnering With Nonprofits

Absolutely! Please contact us direct or email us at: info@thecelebrityauction.com. We would love to hear about your planned events too!
Celebrity Auction raises money for charities through our auction, which means we are a for-profit company. On donated items or experiences, a fee of 20% of the proceeds at end of auction enables us to help defray expenses—including services offered to our nonprofit partners. The remaining 80% (after any credit card fees) goes directly to the nonprofit. On consignment items, packages, or experiences, after a price is decided, all the proceeds raised above the reserved bid goes to the selected charity, 100%. Celebrity Auction has no membership fees, no set-up charge on donated items or experiences. If there is a paid experience, a BUY NOW experience or an item (such as memorabilia) then a specific amount or percentage of the sale will be clearly indicated on how much of the purchase will benefit the charity or foundation. Nope! There is never a cost to our nonprofit partners and Celebrity Auction is never paid to campaign. We are a platform, an online charity auction, that can help you generate additional revenue.
If you believe Celebrity Auction is a force for good and want to help support what we do in any way, we gladly accept direct donations. Just e-mail us at info@thecelebrityauction.com or give us a call toll free at 1-855-442-3532 during our regular business hours 8 AM to 6 PM. We would love to hear from you and how you would like to give back.
If you are a celebrity with a following and wish to get paid for an experience or have an item you want to sell please contact us. Once we find out your fee/price we can establish a reserve (minimum bid) and all the funds raised between the reserve bid and the winning bid will go to a deserving charity.