Charities and Foundations

At our core, Celebrity Auction is an outlet designed to support and promote the many charities and foundations of our celebrity clients. Throughout the entire auction process, our number one concern is to make sure that we create an experience where the featured charity gets the exposure it deserves and the rewards. We have a continual interest in creating memorable experiences and can customize our auctions for your specific needs as a charity or foundation. If you have an item or experience and would like to partner with Celebrity Auction, feel free to contact us.


We live in a time where being socially responsible is a focus many companies are committed to. Celebrity Auction can work along with corporations to draw attention to their charity partners, along with any items they would like to auction off to support these worthy causes. Our platform can maximize the donations to draw more publicity and subsequent bidders. Even if there is already a charity event planned, Celebrity Auction can be another pipeline to draw attention and raise funds. Call or email us today to see how we can assist your company and the charity it supports.


Are you a company selling celebrity-related ‘meet and greets’ or memorabilia? An artist that would like to display and sell your art? Does your company have a unique adventure experience? Celebrity Auction would like to list some of your packages on our online auction through consignment. There is absolutely no risk for you. We set a minimum reserve price, and once a price is decided upon, everything above that goes to a selected charity. This is a great way to showcase your items and experiences in an innovative way. Call or email us today to discuss further details.are_you.